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    EMAIL MARKETING As the name itself suggests, Email Marketing is a kind of the marketing which ensure an email to convey the company’s message and advertising campaign. This easy way of communication allows a person to send the promotional messages directly to the target clients. Emails are the most profitable means of marketing. At Webitrex Solutions, the Best Email Marketing Company in Mohali, we provide custom email marketing solutions that help our clients reach a huge audience. You get a better return on your investments and make a platform to build better relationships with large number of people.
    Looking for a beautifully designed email template, If yes, then you have come to the right place. Webitrex Solutions is one of the Best Email Marketing Company in Mohali, We can help you in sending emails that work for your business.
    Now let us tell you how it actually works:
    Firstly, you need to create a contact list. There is a procedure of buying contact list from other sources but that can be a problem as some people don’t like receiving these emails. So it’s better to create your own contact list by asking the customers. This way you will send the emails to the peoples who want to receive them and which are more likely to move forward with your services.
    Well, that’s about it. The rest it about engaging the customers via different attractive offers and keep them aware of your brand by sending relevant news.


    This concept is very environmental friendly to send emails because it not only saves your paper but also give you the fastest speed. Sending promotional letters by email is cheaper than other forms of communication. The biggest advantage of the Email is that it lands directly on the customer’s system. People have to check their mail box at least once a day, and there is no chance to miss that message. The components of the Email Marketing include:
    « Email advertising
    « Marketing campaign
    « Direct marketing
    « Retention email
    « Promotional material
    « Announce special offer


    • Spam Free mails
    • Easily create Mailer
    • Manage Your Group
    • Manage Email IDs
    • View Sent Report by Date Search
    • Viewer Report: we can track, how many users view these emails.
    • Email Id Database also available
    • Bulk Email Software
    • Moreover, we can enable you to build a great email list easily and help you to use the email service to fulfill your marketing objectives and increase your online marketing ROI.
    • In addition, our great experience in delivering bulk email campaign has made us one of the Best Email Marketing Company in Mohali. It’s easy to create and send a professional email marketing campaign that keeps your customers coming back. For the purpose of high-quality marketing via bulk mails you should keep in mind that the different emails you forward are sent after some time gaps. All the emails should not be sent at same time. You should also clear whether the person you are sending the email is interested in your services or not. You should avoid sending mails if someone is not interested as that might lead to negative marketing.

    We are considered as of the Best Email Marketing Company in Mohali as our team is trained in this method. The team we have for email marketing consists of experienced members who put their best to bring the best for you. Take your business to the next level with email marketing by Webitrex solutions.

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